Words cannot describe everything that is visual.

Personal Statement

I find inspiration and motivation from collected objects, personal experiences, and art history.   My forms are a compilation of African nkisi, ancient goddesses, and reliquaries that result in a response to an intuitive materialization and synthesis of personal circumstances.     
The nkisi, or container, is a figure in wood with inserted nails or metal shards.  It holds a powerful spiritual force.  The nails and blades connect with the oaths taken in court and are driven into the figure to demonstrate the promises made between the parties involved. 

Reliquaries exist in almost every culture.  The reliquary is the container for a relic –an object that is a surviving memorial of something past or a trace of something significant.  Sometimes we can see what is kept; sometimes it is hidden.  Many of the most ancient reliquaries were constructed from one of the oldest building materials, clay.

 I add hands to my figures for expression.  Some of my strongest memories are my mother's hands and their effect on me.  These hands serve to communicate on both the visual and tactile level.

​Art is visual communication.  It is not complete until you, the viewer, receive my message.  

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